Bills Passed in April 2016


  1. Maharashtra Legislative Assembly approved the Prohibition of Social Boycott Bill, 2016.
  2. Dance Bar Bill, 2016 passed in Maharashtra state assembly.
  3. The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) decided the scrapping the Pensions Act, 1871 which exempts pension from being attached by a court or confiscated.
  4. Indian Parliament passed 2 bills to repeal 1,053 obsolete laws.
  5. Industries Development and Regulation Act, 1951 is passed by Rajya Sabha.
  6. Union Cabinet gives approval to amendment in Compensatory “Afforestation Fund Bill-2015” that will enable the distribution of Rs 42000 Crores for planting trees.
  7. Rajshthan is now becomes 1st State in India to clear land Title Bill, Rajasthan Urban Land(Certification of Titles) Bills 2016.
  8. Union Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change has notified Solid Management Rules, 2016 that will replace Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000.
  9. Union Cabinet gives approval for Promulgation of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Anatomy Regulation, 2016.
  10. President Mukherjee promulgated Uttarakhand appropriation (Vote on Account) ordinance, 2016 which authorizes expenditure in Hill States that has come under direct federal rate because of political crisis.
  11. Parliament passes Sikh Gurdwaras Amendment Bill, 2016.
  12. Lok sabha passes Regional Centre for Bio Technology Bill, 2016.
  13. Union Government has given its approval to signing Paris Agreement 2015.
  14. Golden Tobacco Ltd. is 1st Company in India to implement the Union Health Ministry’s Cigarettes Packaging Amendment Rules, 2014.
  15. Myanmar’s Parliament (Burmese) passed a bill that will gives Aung San Kyi (Noble Prize Winner) the post of State Counselor, which is similar to that of Prime Minister.

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